Let’s grab a drink after work!

How are you feeling today my friend?

I bet you have so much to tell me.  How your weekend went, how you got some stuff done, you were tired, and now the new week is here and you still have lots to get done on your xmas list, the in laws need to know this and that, and you just wish you had a break, December is already here, time is flying by, and what you also want to tell me is how anxious you feel about something coming up at work etc etc etc.

If you and I made a plan to meet up today after work for a glass of wine (or a non alcoholic beer for me), you would feel may be a sense of relief, something to look forward to. I know I would.

You would arrange for child care and know that THAT TIME IS FOR YOU.

You will get to vent, and share and laugh and relax with a good friend.

Now picture the exact same scenario but except for ME being on the other side of the table you had a piece of paper and a pen.

You could still meet yourself for a refreshing beverage and ask the hubby or whoever to pick up the kids.

YES, it does look dorky and weird but just stay with me.

How AMAZING would it feel to know that you GOT YOU????

You don’t need a friend or whoever to be available for you get to feel that way.

If they are that’s great, but SO SO SO often we are left waiting for the magical moment when everything aligns so we can pop out of our routine to feel heard and cared for with a friend.

And while waiting we carry everything around with us and feel unheard and alone.

There is no reason to wait!  I MUST share this with all of you.  

What you imagine you will feel after meeting with a friend and sharing your heart out is the feeling you CAN and in fact you always DO create for yourself, whether your friend is listening or not.

You create it by thinking “I GOT ME, I am here for me” and then acting that way. TODAY.

SO why don’t you give it a try and take yourself our of your routine, even if its just for a 15 min coffee.

Sit yourself down and tell yourself everything you would tell your friend, and listen, and ask ‘what else?’ , ‘how’s work?’, ask all the questions your friend would ask and answer them.

Tell yourself your biggest worries and fears and what’s on your mind.

“But then I won’t need any friends’ you are thinking, ‘and that’s unhealthy’.

I must tell you that when you do this for YOURSELF, you will still want to see your friends and in fact you will be able to show up as a better friend for them.

You won’t be fighting for your turn to talk! You will listen and really BE there for your friend.

Don’t worry, you will still want to see your friends and love them. But you won’t feel needy and unstable because you GOT YOU.

What if it was your job to listen to yourself whenever you need it and your friends ONLY job was to be there(or even somewhere else) so you can love them?

Happy Monday my friends! Take yourself out for a date with yourself, you will love that feeling SO much you will treasure it forever!!!


P.S. have some questions about this awkward exercise, shoot them my way I am happy to guide you through it. After all, you are worth it!!!

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