Why I Choose Not to Drink Wine.

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I used to love wine at the end of the day.

Now I never even think about it.

2 posts ago I shared with you my food life style and what I don’t eat and a big part of that is not drinking any alcohol. 

I must tell you guys – it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life!!!

I was not an alcoholic by any means.

But I did use wine as a crutch.

Whenever I would have a crazy day or the kids were being too loud or its the weekend or a holiday or whatever – I was used to having some wine.

And there came a point in my life where I was not wanting the wine but I was more needing the wine to escape what was happening, mainly my own frustration.

Through all the work with my own coach I have learned to look at alcohol the same way I look at drugs or smoking – and that is ‘No, thank you”.

Why should alcohol be any different?

The big difference is that alcohol is socially acceptable and even encouraged in certain situations (celebrations, weekends, vacations).

To that i think: I don’t smoke or do drugs just because it’s the weekend or a holiday or I’m in Mexico, so why should I drink and feel horrible?   

No, thank you!

This has set me so free!

This one decision, applied every day makes me feel so amazing, so in control, so free.

I feel fantastic knowing I can choose to not drink and not drink.

I can also choose to have a glass of wine and I do do that once in a blue moon mainly to remind myself that if I want to drink that is always the option, but I am the one in control and I actually don’t want to do that at all.

I am not afraid of having a glass of wine. I’m not afraid that if I do have some wine then i will slide back into the weekly routine of having a wine when the kids are irritating me.

I’m not afraid of that at all.

It feels so freeing not to want it when I feel stressed and also not to THINK about it.

Before I made the decision not to have it, I used to think about it a lot.

“Will I have a glass tonight”

“do I want to, I don’t want to”

“but everyone else will be having one”

“what will they think?”

“may be I should, what’s the big deal”

On and on and on the chatter would go.

Mainly because I was not living the life I wanted to live.

Meaning – I did not want my kids seeing me drink wine with dinner every night.

I was not being the example I wanted to set for my kids.

I was not living the life I wanted to live by escaping it.

The internal conflict was creating a constant brain chatter about wine which was exhausting.

To sum it up, I don’t drink alcohol. I believe I add so much more to my life by not having it. 

I believe having it robs me of my life, robs me of the motivation I need to create the life I want. 

Here’s a cheers (with a glass full of grapefruit Perrier, a lemon slice and some ice) to the life you can create without escaping the life that you have now.

It is worth all the work.



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