Save Time by Meal Planning with the one and only Andrea Mele at BusyMomNutrition!


I’m so excited to share with you all my conversation with Andrea Mele, my very good friend and a nutrition coach at Busy Mom Nutrition!

Click on the link above to listen to the whole conversation or read the summary of what she teaches below!

A lot of you have expressed to me your struggle with lack of time and I heard you all and I am on a mission to provide you with all the information you need to be in full control of your time and have the time you want for things that you truly want to do in your life.

Andrea has a great program she developed to help busy moms like myself to eliminate any stress that comes with food and feeding our families.

One of the best tools she has taught me is to meal plan every week.

It saves me time and headache when i think of my week and the dinner plans.

So here is what she recommends:

  1. Take a look at your upcoming week and note all the activities you have going on.
  2. Make a meal plan for that week accommodating those activities. for example:
    • Tuesday kids have swimming – eat at the cafe at the gym.
    • Friday night is date night so kids will have pizza and we are going out.
    • Saturday night dinner at friends house, no need to cook
    • Cook – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. Choose the recipes for those nights.
  3. Make a grocery list based on that meal plan.
  4. Commit to meal planning and grocery shopping on the same day each week.
    • ( Plan on Thursdays, grocery shop on Fridays)
  5. Commit to meal prepping for 2 hours each weekend. Take care of your future self!
  6. Check your freezer for any protein you want to use first before adding items to your grocery list.

The benefits pay off right away.

By planning you save time by:

  • freeing yourself from stressing about diner each day
  • not running to the store every day during the week
  • by prepping on the weekend for the week you save time during the week when a lot of your food has been prepped or cooked already

I love this approach because of the time it saves me but i also know that a lot of people seek Andreas help because it helps them make better choices for their family, in terms of nutrition.

Sure it seems to be a lot of work and i would have to say that yes it is work but it is work WORTH doing so that you can reap the benefits for yourself in the future.

I always say that i take care of my future self by planning ahead.

Love that concept and love that Andrea has a step by step process on exactly how you can implement it in your life!

If you are interested in learning more about Andrea and what she does you can check out her website at

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone and may be…  make a plan!









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