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Have you ever heard this term? Self-regulation?I share 3 questions I use to self regulate and i offer them to you to also include in your life to self-regulate. as always i am here to help you with coaching, you can find a time that works for you here.

Trust and the morning rush

If you struggle with talking to your son, you can ask yourself this question: am i coming at this with fear or trust?I share my story of getting to school this morning and how i showed up coming out of fear and what lesson i learned and keep learning: practice trusting your son. if you …

Unpleasant interactions

We’ve all had an unpleasant interaction.  “Why did this happen to me?” you must be thinking and here is an episode about what you can do with that unpleasant interaction.  I share a story of what happened to me and what I did and do in similar situations. Doing this makes all my relationships better.  …