“better than 10 years of therapy!”

– Cheri, mom and wife

“…for my son having “relationship problems”, I allowed myself to feel sad and worried and i actually felt more connected to him, it feels really good.

– Samantha, mom of 2 (2 and 4)

“Natalia is an awesome coach. She helped me realize that I was judging myself really badly and helped me believe that I am an amazing mom whatever happens. That feels really good. She is sweet, smart and pragmatic. She had lots of practical tips and also helps you become more self confident so you can actually apply them. I used to feel so tired and I didn’t know how to handle my kids. Now I learned to take time for myself and I feel more energy and confidence. Thanks Natalia for all you did for me ❤️”

– Samantha Rich

“wow for so long I wanted this and I didn’t realize I already have this good relationships with my boys, it feels good, like a relief…”

– Jennifer, mom of 2 (16 and 23 years old)

Natalia helped me become a more active decision maker in my own life. 
Before I felt as if my life was just happening to me and I had no say in it. 
Now I have my dream house in my dream city, doing my dream job! 
I started promoting my business more which resulted in helping more clients, which is what I love doing. 
The other part of my life that really changed was I was brave enough to move to a different city and take charge of my retirement plan, set myself up with a house and new life in a new city. 
Thanks to Natalia I have been able to easily tackle big life decisions and small everyday ‘problems’. 
Every time I talk to her I find that one thought the makes everything better for me. 
At first I was hesitant about coaching but after our first session I saw results right away in myself which made me come back to it again and again. Everyone should have a coach!
Best investment I ever made. 
Thank you Natalia!

Nina Matveeva, mom of 2

“Dear Natalia, thank you so much or being able to enjoy my life!”

-Mira Chlepkova, engineer and mom of 2

I truly enjoyed working with Natalia! She asks a lot of questions that help
me see my problems, struggles and situations from various angles. It gives me a good perspective on what is relevant and what not and thank’s to that I’m able to find solutions easier. At the beginning of our cooperation we saw each other every week. I learned a good amount of techniques that I can now use on my own. Nevertheless, I still reach out to her occasionally to get a new impulse and perspective. Natalia is one of a kind. She is very professional but kind and fun at the same time, always engaged and always ready to help.

Andrea, mom of 2

“It has been great working with Natalia! Her insight, her engaged and supportive approach and has been very impactful. The conversations we had and the additional take away exercises led to noticeable results for which I am so grateful.”

Justine, mom of 1

Before working with Natalia I could not manage my anxiety.

Now I could drive my kids to school, or get groceries, do whatever needs to be done, Before that I thought I would die for sure, I was paralyzed.

I got control of my life back and I feel awesome, free, lighter. 
She got me back to my confidence, got me back to who I really am.
For anyone who is on the fence about doing this work I would say that for me it was definitely the key help to get out of it so it does work. And it does change you it doesn’t just help you it changes you in a positive way. So it is really worth it. Everybody should know the stuff that Natalia has to share.

    I felt I was finally reconnecting with myself even while having anxiety. I got really good at realizing that anxiety is just an emotion just like happiness, sadness and it is just something that happens in our body. I was able to get personal with myself.  She gave me the access key to get personal with myself and understand what is going on in my brain.  Read Lisa’s FULL STORY HERE

Lisa Li , stay at home mom of 2

Natalia uses compassion, humour, and positivity to help her clients find paths forward in working through those life issues, big or small, that can cause barriers to success or development.  Her ability to gently challenge entrenched thinking allows for positive personal growth and a new perspective.  I am grateful for the time I have spent with Natalia and for the chance to look at things with fresh eyes – her lessons will continue to help me for many years to come.

-Kate Bilson, Lawyer

Before working with Natalia I was struggling with my relationship with my mom and confidence at work.  I have more compassion for my mom now and am able to see the world from her perspective.
At work now I feel empowered, like  “F*ck!!! I can do anything else I want. Whats next? what are we gonna work on next!?” 

I find coaching very practical. When I started working with Natalia it made me feel hopeful , I saw improvement right away. If you are on the fence about hiring Natalia I say just do it.  Treat it as a little gift to yourself.
Just the time spent together on various topics has added to self confidence because you become so much more self aware. Natalia is in my corner, she’s got my back.

Anastasia Elia, mom of 2

Although this work is sometimes uncomfortable that is where opportunities for growth are uncovered. If you no longer want to be at the mercy of external factors outside of your control to dictate your fulfilment in life then take the journey with Natalia. Get empowered and move forward.

Alecia Bratford, mom of 2