Lisa’s story

The biggest challenge that I had before working with you is that I was not able to manage my anxiety. I got help even before you from a psychologist, but I felt it was not enough, it wasn’t the right answer to my struggle. I felt I was lacking something so I was struggling with living a regular life and dealing with my anxiety like driving, waking up in the morning and feeling okay, going out, eating dinner in a restaurant, whatever, living a regular life wasn’t possible anymore.  

Anxiety made me feel as a failure, very alone, desperate, scared.I was thinking ‘is it every gonna end?’‘Am I ever gonna have real life again?’‘Am I gonna be myself again?’Before I worked with you I as scared, doubting myself, not recognizing myself, refusing myself. I was extremely sad. 

I’ve never heard of a life coach so when I heard the name I was like ‘ooh what is it?’ Definitely no hesitation, to be honest with you a couple of weeks before I send you that message I was completely despaired, I thought that my life would be like that forever. And when you answered me and you said ‘Erica look I’m working on this stuff I’m a professional now I’m doing this and the training and stuff for me was just no doubt  , was just ‘oh my god this is coming at the right precise time that is needed that is just like the universe manifesting what I’m asking  for help and so I had no doubts  I was just like oh I’m doing it and of course I trust you I know you. That helps. No I didn’t have any hesitation . 

What you told me in our first chat blew my mind. I never really saw things the way that you described it and I knew the awareness was there but its kind like you helped me recall it and you put it in a logical way which I am not able to do.  I’m a very emotional person and you explained it so well that I was easy to understand and it made so much sense that it changed completely the way I was in control gain, I was no longer the passenger, I was the driver.  I was in control again. 

Working with you made my feel like I’m not just another number in the psychologist book.  I felt I was finally reconnecting with myself even while having anxiety.  I was able to get personal with myself.  You gave me the access key to get personal with myself and understand what is going on in my brain.  

The anxiety was still there in the beginning but I was looking at it differently.  The more I applied everything you taught me the better I got at watching my brain and accepting what it does and talking to it. I got really good at realizing that anxiety is just an emotion just like happiness, sadness and it is just something that happens in our body. That’s it. I would have a conversation with my brain “‘alright, buddy, enough lets change it here, lets do something different.”

After working with you now I could drive my kids to school, or get groceries, I can drive the car back by myself without the kids in there.  Before that was not a possibility , like are you kidding me, I would die for sure . That was the thought .and then slowly slowly I was able to go in to a restaurant , enjoy the meal, or I have this funny story about the soups. I didn’t go anywhere without the soup because being hungry for me was unbearable so basically after a couple of times that I spoke with you I started to forget to take the soup and then catching myself somewhere in a situation where I was hungry but I was stuck, I couldn’t eat and so I had to work it out and actually I didn’t die!   So life went back to normal, what I was unable to do before I went back to being myself again so I can do whatever I come up with , I can do it.

Once I got control of my life back I was scared at the beginning because I was afraid to go back to it and i also didn’t believe it was solved!  I was in limbo for a little while where but the more you go on you are like dude this is real then it feels awesome, free, lighter. 
Day by day I get back to being yourself, I  become again a little warrior that I am and I go thought day by day the challenges, breakouts and the fuck ups and everything but I do it as me now and not as the scared person which is nice.  
It got me back to my confidence definitely, yep, it got me back to who I really am.
For anyone who is on the fence about doing this work I would say that for me it was definitely the key help to get out of it so it does work. And it does change you it doesn’t just help you it changes you in a positive way.You are not just resolving whatever problem you have you are actually get a new key to open up the door you couldn’t open before so you can actually achieve even more. So it is worth it, its really worth it.   Everybody should know the stuff that you have to share.
I’ve never been with another life coach in my life, but the way that you handle the meetings is professional, but is also non judgmental whatsoever, I never felt judged, and its also very funny and light , you have this very bright positive way so It doesn’t get boring or too serious or too scary but at the same time  it is really profound and really professional.   So you get help so you feel lighter you really are good at it I’m really happy you chose me. It’s true. 

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