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Answer your own questions

Live an intentional life where you get to decide what you will think, feel and do in your life.  Don’t let your default/primitive brain run away with assuming judgments and conclusions that don’t serve you. Answer your own rhetorical questions.  The first step is to gain awareness of the questions – which are your thoughts …

My favourite tool

I have taken this from Abraham and have fine tuned it to work for me and I can do it on demand now, not always but getting better and better. must listen if you want to start creating things in your life on purpose. Highly recommend listening to Abraham , love their message and humour. 

You should be exactly THIS tired.

“I must be doing something wrong to be THIS tired! Now if only if figure out WHY i’m this tired and what i have to change then i will feel wonderful and will not be this tired.” If you have ever thought that then this episode is for you.See how i use the teachings of …