Those days of crying in the car after dropping him off are over.

This is the last time you google “how to stop yelling at your son.”

I’ve got you. Breathe.

Nothing has gone wrong. You are a good mom. You are.

You are here because you are a good mom and not because you are terrible and are ruining your relationship with your son. Give yourself a big hug because you are doing a good job.

You are doing a good job the best way you know how.

And you know what, sometimes our best is pretty horrible.

I know when I first made that appointment to talk to someone about ‘saving’ my relationships with my son I was definitely at my most horrible.

I was a yelling, stressed out mom and I was sad. But that was the best that I could do back then. If I knew better I would have done better, that is FOR SURE.

So you are doing your best even if it’s not great. It’s OKAY. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Because we can always learn how to do better.

And that is where I can be your support and guide and teach you how to manage your BRAIN so that you are no longer a mess like i was.

Welcome to the space where there is no judgement and there is no advice on parenting.

I strongly believe we are supposed to SUCK as humans 50 % of the time. WHY? because the reality is that we do.

We are good moms and we are bad moms. The percentage flows back and forth but the bad and good are always there. SO when i believe that I don’t see a point in judging. So you don’t have to worry about sharing your worst mothering, i’ve got you – no judgement here.

Also – Full disclaimer – I am not a parenting coach, i don’t give out advice on how you should parent or not. I just don’t believe it to be helpful. I am a BRAIN coach. YOUR BRAIN is where all of your power lies. It is where you decide to give meaning to everything in your life. That MEANING is what drives how you feel about your son and that feeling will drive how you ARE with him. And if you are loosing your mind and arguing more than you would like then I believe the best way to solve that is to look at the CAUSE of that behaviour.

So all that is required of you is

1. WILLINGNESS to be uncomfortable (because it is a bit nerve wracking to talk about your most precious stuff, even if it’s safe)
2. COMMITMENT to look at your brain with curiosity to get yourself to ZERO FIGHTS.

What you shall expect is that we will laugh at your brain together – because if your brain is like mine – it makes no sense sometimes! so the best thing to do is just laugh at how little sense it makes.

You are safe with me, i will hold space for everything you bring to me and you will walk away with the key to solve ANY fighting situation in your life. YES, EVEN WITH YOUR MOTHER! (I am not even kidding).

SO! TELL ME EVERYTHING!! Pick a good time for you HERE