Past/ Future Focused: from horror movies to fun and joy

If you are feeling bad about yourself as a mom and how you parented your son in the past; if you are feeling shame and or feel guilty about what you did or didn’t do for your son in the past and are stuck then you are probably withdrawing from your son, not reaching out, not talking to him, not initiating conversations, not planning fun trips or fun things to do with him today. If this is you you must listen to this episode.

The same is true if you are spending time controlling what he does all day, manipulating him, calling him too much, helicopter parenting too much, nagging, lecturing or checking on him too much then you are again NOT present with your son today and not enjoy your son today because you are letting your mind play the horror movies of the future, like: worried, scared he will die, not go to school, fail, do drugs, etc; feeling out of control about all those things.
Must listen to this episode because as moms we are wired to protect our boys and this can sometimes take too much of our head space.

Learn what it looks like on the other side and what you can CHOOSE instead of guilt ,shame, worry and fear. 
You can start applying this today and if you need any help this is what i am here for to help you choose TRUST, JOY, FUN, EXCITEMENT with your son, TODAY. don’t wait, do this now.
sign up for a session here and we will get started.

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