Practice being disappointed

I believe the skill of being disappointed is very important to develop and practice because we will have to be disappointed in life many many times!
If your son doesn’t get a job he wants or gets turned down by a girl he wants to date, or his project doesn’t go as he wants- he will be disappointed.  If he has not practiced being disappointed than he might make it mean something about him and NOT pursue another job or another girl, he might quit his project.  We don’t want that, we want him to keep striving for what he wants and get the job of his dreams and find a partner. 
So help your son practice being disappointed.  Practice this yourself. Be disappointed and move on.
And in order to support your son when he’s disappointed you need to feel like you are a good mom who has a good relationship with her son.  IF you don’t feel that way that is what i’m here for – i can help you have a good relationship with your son – sign up her to talk about it. 

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