Feeling Appreciated


(the picture here is from a few years back when I had 2 kids and haven’t yet learned to appreciate myself and all I do.  I am so grateful to myself for figuring out how to appreciate myself. You can too! Can you see the look in my eye, happiness and victimhood all in one?)

Happy Mothers Day to you all!

My message to you today is simple.

Most of us want to feel APPRECIATED by our family on Mothers Day and every day.

What creates that for us?

What makes us feel appreciated?

Is it what our kids say to us?

Is it what kids do for us?

Is it the breakfast that they maker us ?

Is it the flowers they give us?

Is it the thank you’s you get ?

Is it a craft they made for you at school?

Is it your husbands kind words?

You might say yes, all of those.


I want to give you a difference perspective.

None of those things make you feel appreciated.  WHAT YOU THINK about those things creates a feeling of appreciation for you. 

What you think creates a feeling for you.

A thought “THEY APPRECIATE ME AND ALL I DO FOR THEM” – that creates appreciation for you. NOT what they do or say.

So that means you can give YOURSELF a gift of feeling appreciated EVERY day of the year, no matter what they do or don’t do, and not just on Mothers day when they show their appreciation.

This is my gift to YOU ALL wonderful women, (mothers or not), – give yourself a feeling of appreciation by choosing to think “they appreciate me” or even better “I appreciate ME”.

Have a weekend full of feeling appreciated!! (Created by YOU)


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