I’m writing a book.

Have I told you guys that I’m writing a book?
I am that person who thinks they can write a book and then sits down and writes a book. I am currently 7 days in , 7 pages done. I write every day for a little bit, up to 30 mins. I am really enjoying it so far.
I declared this to my boys at bed time the other day, while reading books to them.
Austin thought for a second, and then said :
“So are you going to sell your book at the garage sale?”
We just died laughing.
OH the logic of a 6 year old.
Why garage sale ?
And he also brought up a good point: why write a book?
The purpose of me writing a book is not to sell it.
Here is my twofold purpose.
1. First and foremost I want to write for myself, to show myself I can write a book and also for the experience of writing.
I have discovered I love to write so here I am writing. That’s it.
The process is the goal.
The other part of it that I love to think about : what does it take to become that person who writes a book?
How does that person think about the world and about themselves?
So fascinating to explore that.
2. IF this books helps just one person in their life, that is a cherry on top.  I already see that person being me. So i get to enjoy both of those goals all at once.
But, today is sunday and we just got back from the longest bike ride we have ever done as 6 of us, 3 hours with multiple stops and snacks and all the boys did amazing ( twins got to ride with Doug and I on the back of my bike and the chariot, Cade did bike half of the way, which was super impressive).
So back to real life, morning was fun. Now i’ll have some lunch and a coffee and tidy up a bit. Get ready for a get together with some friends tonight! See ya’ll tomorrow !

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