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So often I see people (and myself!) getting really frustrated because they are not seeing the results they want, in either themselves or in their businesses.

What a frustrating time!

During my tennis lesson yesterday I was practicing serving.

You may already know this, but in tennis you need to get the ball in the service box in order to play the point.

Of course, I was celebrating every time I got it in the box… which was not that often.

So I asked my coach whether I should be focusing on that yet.

He explained that I shouldn’t at this point.

So what should I be looking for as a of sign of a successful serve if not the end result???

He said I needed to focus on my ability to EXECUTE the new skill.

This means focus on how you line up your feet, toss the ball, and swing the way my coach showed I’m supposed to.

Execute EACH STEP to learn the new skill of serving. THIS should be my only focus now, not the end result.

When we first start a big venture, we know it will take a lot of work before we see the results.

A few months pass, and although we have put in all that hard work, will power, and stubbornness we are not as far along as we expected to be.  We start feeling frustrated.  “It’s been long enough, why don’t I see any results yet?”

The answer is, it’s just too early!  You need to keep going, no matter what.  Focus on your execution, and the results will come.

We often want to see the results way before we are producing them and that can cause a lot of pain!

I find it helpful to work on loving the process.  The process of executing the new skill I am learning (writing, public speaking, marketing, cooking…)

Even when I’m not loving it.

This is it.  It won’t get better than this.

Even when you do start to see the results, you will still have to keep working on it.

SO…. the best way to ensure you achieve your desired result, is to work on loving the process.

The more you love the process, the easier it is to love the process.

I work on loving losing to my husband when we play a game of tennis.

I love seeing my little wins, while still losing the match.
I know I’m getting better each day.
The results will come, and I’m already having fun learning.

Don’t focus on the results.
Whether it’s in business or working to improve yourself, focus on executing each step of your plan and the results will come!!!

I promise!


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