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I had a chat with a friend the other day, whom I haven’t seen for a few weeks and she commented that I changed in a good way: a bit calmer, happier, lighter.
It was clear to me that what she noticed was in big part due to me cleaning up my head every single day.
Same way we tidy up the room every day: the counters get cleared, the floors are swept, the dishes are cleaned and put away, garbage is taken out.
Everything feels and looks clean, tidy and light.
That is the exact way I feel when I do a daily ‘clean up’ in my brain.
I do a thought download, a brain dump on paper, or my phone and get it OUT of my head to look at.
Once I got it all out I already feel relieved and lighter.
Then I take a look.
What do I want to keep and what is poisoning my day?
This daily process gives me perspective and a feeling of control.
 I get to decide what I want my day to contain.
Next time you make your bed in the morning or clean up the kitchen, consider what you would clean up in your head if you could walk in it as a room.
Would you keep all the thoughts in that room or would you purge and start fresh?
A few minutes writing it down can help you create enough distance between you and your thoughts to help you decide which ones you want to keep and which you don’t.
This wonderful exercise is my number one tool and I use it as needed, some days I feel so good that I don’t even think about doing it and others I definitely feel that the room got ‘messy’ and I need to tend to it.
Happy cleaning everybody!

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