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“I hate planning!” – i hear that a lot lately!

But I Love plans!!!
I love planning.
I love having a plan.
I love thinking about my plan.
I love talking about my plan!
What could be better!?

Knowing that you have a great plan and you are well taken care of in my books is up there with all the good self care activities.
Just like you would prep a lunch for yourself the night before work or make snacks and lunches for the kids the night before – you are doing that for your ‘morning’ self, when you wake up, make yourself some coffee and enjoy the relaxed pace of the morning.

The same goes with a plan. You plan ahead and when the time comes to execute you have your well thought out plan which was planned with you in mind.  Who else better do that for you than YOU!

I came up with this post right after planning all our Christmas meals and now that we are in our first week of January we are enjoying all the leftovers from the holidays, which are bountiful in our freezer, thanks to our planning!

What else can you plan?

I regularly plan on experiencing anxiety, exhaustion and judgment.
I mean that i anticipate me feeling those things despite my best efforts not to.
If i know i tend to experience these negative emotions i am not surprised and caught off guard when they happen, so i plan for how i will react to them when they happen.

Planning helps a lot with allowing them (not resisting them) and ultimately moving to a more positive experience.

For example, if you have a family member visiting and you know that some of their traits bug you then you can plan on that visitor doing exactly what they do and your reaction being annoyed.
This prepares you in a way that when does actually happen you will chuckle to yourself and say “Oh, right, i knew that would happen, here it is!”. You are at ease with them and yourself and are able to enjoy their company a lot more.
That sounds a lot better to me than being frustrated with something your guest is doing and then feeling like a bad host for feeling that way.
Try it out next time and enjoy a much more fun visit!

Would love to hear all your thoughts on plans and specifically plans on feeling certain emotions and preparing yourself in advance for them.

Does it help you ?

How does it help you?

Thanks for sharing friends!

Talk to you next week!


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