Self Care in my 30’s.

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What self care looked like in my 20s:

Shopping with mom

Self Care in my 30s


That’s it.

Any other item I came up with was just another version of that.

Watching your inner dialog and not allowing disrespect or criticism.

Not dwelling on something stupid you did or said.

Gentle dialog and expectations with yourself, especially when you are sick or tired.

Don’t compare yourself with someone else in a way that doesn’t serve you.

Beating yourself up is a big one.  I find I do it quite often and about a lot of different things.  SO just noticing when I’m doing it is already a type of self care in my eyes.  

The topic of self care came up as a discussion I had with my coach.  The problem is the way I show up in my family when I’m tired or sick.  I’m not the nicest person with my kids or husband.  Which means I’m not nice to myself either.

I don’t like feeling anything less than a 100 percent, I’ve discovered. I actually get mad at myself whenever I feel off.  And that is very, very bad self care – apperantly.  

I wouldn’t get mad at my kid or a friend for being tired or sick.  But I get angry with myself!  Does that make any sense? Nope.  That’s my brain saying:

“ You have 4 kids and a house and a million things to do – how dare you be sick!
Snap out of it.
Now I have to take care of you too!???
No way.
Not happening.
You are fired”.

I am able to move past this point with my self coaching.  I hear that thought and move on to – “Okay, how can I take care of myself and still keep up with my jobs?”  And my brain is pretty good at coming up with solutions.

What does your brain come up with when you ask it to take care of yourself?

Does it offer excuses or solutions?  You get to make the final pick!

Natalia S.

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