Perfectionists are scared people

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Good morning beautiful ladies!!!

Today I am writing about perfectionism as per request of one of my friends, good morning Stepanka!!!

There a few things we need to know about people who want some things to be perfect.

First we have to remember that their intentions are good.

They think by wanting to make it perfect they are doing their best.

The other thing to know about people like us is that we are scared people when we want something perfect.

We are scared it won’t turn out exactly the way it needs to, afraid we’ll be late, afraid someone will see the one flaw in our work so we spend hours perfecting it (not me btw, wink).

Yes, that’s right – perfectionists are scared people.

People who don’t consider themselves perfectionists are doers, people who make many mistakes, people who are not afraid if something will go wrong.

They know the point of doing something lies not in how complete and flawless it is.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you want to bake some muffins and some soup for someone you know who’s going through a child being diagnosed with cancer.

Your intentions here are probably to show them you are thinking about them, you want to help, you want to show them you are here for them if they need anything.

Your intentions probably don’t include: “well i hope they think these muffins are the best muffins they ever had.”

No, making a perfectly balanced soup is not the point here and so you just get the job done and you drop it off, the whole time thinking about those people.

You are not worried about messing up the recipe or over salting the soup (although that would be bad and you’ll probably just keep the soup at home, and i still say it’s ok, because the point is to let them know you are here for them.)

What i want to show you here is that even people who call themselves perfectionists would do the above.

We are all perfectionists some of the time and we are also the same people who let go of that and  DO our jobs without being afraid to mess up some of the time.

What is the difference between those two times?


Either you allow fear to dictate your work or you focus on what matters the most.

That’s it.

Next time you find yourself wanting something perfect, ask yourself WHY.

Why do you really want to do such a good ?

SO that they think ‘wow, shes’s really good.’

Then ask yourself why do you want them to think that?

Because the alternative is unbearable to you.

You are afraid of someone ever thinking you did a bad job.

How differently would you work if you weren’t afraid of that? (after all when others mess up, we remind them they are human and it happens, why not do the same with ourselves?)

What if you wanted to do a good job from a place of love for yourself?

It’s ok if i made a mistake.

I showed up.

I’m human.

I did a good job, may be not perfect but good.

And that’s good enough.

Have a not so perfect Sunday, but i hope it has a good cup of coffee in it 🙂


( so funny to be writing about perfectionism and catching myself trying to make it perfect:)))

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