Licking isn’t always gross!

We are at a wedding and my son is licking the side of my arm during dinner.  I turn to my brother in law, who’s sitting across from me, and make a disgusted face referring to the licking going on at the moment.  My brother in law casually states that that’s just how he shows his affection.  


Really? I think.  Is that why he’s licking me??? 

I did not see that at all!   Seems so obvious now.
How is that even possible, I wonder now, but that is besides the point.  

The point is – a change of perspective is a miracle. (A quote I recently heard)

My sons licking before my ‘aha moment’ was so annoying and disgusting!  

All I tried to do is to get him to stop licking my arm and he wouldn’t stop.  

The reason I call my change of view a miracle is because of how dramatic the shift was in me when it happened.  

I went from seeing my son as this little person who is trying to make my life more difficult.

TO feeling loved.

My son who’s licking me – actually loves me so much that the only way he knows to express this one and only love for his mom is through licking.  He has no intentions of annoying.  

I went from feeling annoyed to feeling grateful and loving.  

All within seconds.  

Nothing else has changed.  

He was still licking me.  

I was still me and he was still him.  

That sure felt like a miracle to me!

A lot of my self coaching revolves a lot around my perspective and changing it in case I’m not happy with the results.  So you can imagine how happy I was to get such an amazing result of appreciating my son without much effort.  Don’t you wish everything that easy?

So, licking isn’t always gross is what I’ve learned.  Now I kind of like the licking.



This morning when I gave my husband a quick summary of my post his reaction was this: “you sound like a crazy person”. (He thought I am crazy for not realizing the reason for the licking)  Which of course made me laugh.  But it also proved my point even more: sometimes we live so deeply inside our own world and how we see it – we don’t see what’s obvious to others.

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