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How do I start working out 3 times a week?

How do I learn to play tennis, squash, skating or any other sport you want to pick up?

How do I build a closer connection with my spouse or kids?

How do I take better care of myself?

I believe it all starts with a teeny, tiny plan to do it ONCE a week!

Once a week for 52 weeks is 52 times more than intending to do it 3 times a week and never getting to it AT ALL!!

But you knew that already.

So why can’t you commit to that short 10 min workout every week?

First, you might think “What’s the point in doing it for 10 min?  That won’t make a difference!”.

OH, but it will!..

Granted, the benefit of working out for 10 min may not train your body to accomplish all your fitness goals.  But, it is training your brain to follow through on the plan you put in place.
THAT is everything!

Once your brain knows there is no escape when there’s a plan, then you can increase your workout time, and increase the number of times you do it in a week when and if you choose.

The way I discovered once a week is by sitting down with my good friend for a coffee and saying how overwhelmed I was with my schedule, week, to do list, self care or lack of, kids activities, you name it.

She said, “It’s simple, you sit down and plan your week. One day – one activity.”

Work out once a week – check, Mondays.

Writing a blog – once a week, check.

Errands – once a week – check.

Twins activity – 2 mornings a week – check.

Etc, you get the point.

I know what some of you are thinking, “that’s not possible when you work all day!”
But it is very possible! Everyone can fit in a 10 min errand stop, a 30 min haircut or a 20 min walk on the way home from work or during lunch hour.
That’s all it takes!!!

Of course that’s not all that’s planned for the day.
You still have your daily activities that need no planning for the majority of the day.
But the hour or two you have unspoken for are now already pre-planned, so you never have to think about it again!  Goodbye overwhelm!

Every weekday can be pretty much the same every week, because you planned to do your workouts on Monday, errands on Tuesday, appointments on Wednesday, etc.
You don’t have to guess what to do when, it’s already all decided.
Of course, if something comes up you change your plans accordingly. For example you can move your errands if you have a work dinner, but definitely not skip gym if you don’t feel like it.

Let me tell you how much more freedom that gives you!
I bet some of you are thinking what a nightmare it would be to have every day, every week pre-planned to be the same – what a crazy idea! But the opposite is true –  thinking ahead takes care of things and you end up with way more time on your hands to do stuff that’s actually yours.

If you can imagine – all your jobs are done, even the self care items like workouts and massages, hair cuts and small errands – ALL of it gets the time it’s OWED and nothing is lagging.
You don’t feel overwhelmed, you feel ahead because YOU made the effort to give each item the time of day.
You have the freedom of time and mind to then do what you please with the leftover time.
And you WILL have time left over when you see how efficient you get!

Not only do you have zero stress about your schedule, or when the “to do” list will get done, but you also ensure you take care of all your priorities when you do your initial planning.
By that I mean, if it’s important to you to work out at least once a week, then you pre plan that time.
If it’s important to you that you and your spouse have a date night once a week, you also pre plan that.
Activities that usually get missed, or de prioritized, will be the ones you consciously schedule into your week, and every other week after that.
Works like a dream!
Try it!

You’ll discover a more relaxed, excited, laid back and in control version of yourself.
You’ll be able to give a better version of yourself to your family because you’ve planned ahead and gave yourself the rest and care you need.

If you have an impossible goal, a dream, a wish list, ask yourself this:
“What can I do once a week towards that goal? In a 10-60 min block each week?”
You will get excited when you imagine how much closer you’ll be towards your goal at the end of that year!!!
Not to mention how amazing you’ll be at keeping your commitments to YOURSELF.

I’m so excited for you!!!


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