Your Future Self

Gifts to Your future self!

I just finished writing a handout for September for my clients and I am SUPER pumped!

You know that feeling when you realize something you really, really want is POSSIBLE? That is the feeling I feel now.


What do you wish for yourself?

What have you wanted for yourself for years and have not been able to do until now?

Look at that thing now and imagine that it has already happened 3,5, 10 years from now.

Now go deeper and imagine all the details of that and how you got there, what your life looks like now that it’s real.

What do you do each day?

Where do you go?

Where is your family?

All the things.

That’s it.  Check your feeling that you have when you imagine it to make sure it is the best feeling you can imagine and not the one of ‘it will never happen’, but of true possibility.

Now do that every day and ACT from that feeling SO that you can create that life you want. Those are the gifts you do for your Future self.

That is how I started my business, helped so many people in a few months, lost 20 lbs, stopped drinking wine and am having such a better relationship with myself every day.

IF you are curious to find out exactly how to apply this in your every day life I would be happy to have a chat and help, just reply back to this email.

Talk to you all next week !!!

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