5 Downward Dogs and 5 Cobras

“I don’t want to” was the thought that kept me from doing 5 minutes of yoga each day for months now.

Until today.

Yesterday I finally asked myself what was the reason I kept on NOT doing the little tiny bit of yoga I would like to do.

That was my answer : is just that ‘I don’t want to’. I feel stiff and tired and I just don’t want to !

It was so simple and sneaky and true.

And so I kept on not doing it.

As soon as I realized it, I found it so funny and empowering.

Since when do I NOT do things because of not wanting to?

Not me. Not in the last year!

I did it this morning and my body really enjoyed that stretch and that movement.

My mind enjoyed the confidence in my own ability to do ANYTHING I want to do.

No matter how much I DON’T feel like it.

What a freedom.

I invite you to take a look at the thought that’s stopping you from taking action with something you truly want to do.

Then take action anyway because you want the result more than to feel good in that moment.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Love you all and looking forward to seeing more of you in September.


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