She is Amazing

I have this friend. She is amazing. I have a few friends who are amazing but I will just tell you about one today.
Here’s why. Her realm of whats possible to do is so much bigger than mine, so it always amazes me.
“How can you do that ?” I always think.
“Is that still worth doing with that many kids, that late, etc etc etc. on top of all these other events.”
Let me give you an example.
She has 4 boys just like I do, around the same ages.
She keeps them up for Canada Day fireworks and wanders with the whole family downtown all the way till the fireworks start.
Now for a family with older kids that may be is a reasonable thing(my own reasoning).
But in my mind, for any person with 2 little kids and 2 medium age kids, that is a stretch!
I don’t even attempt such a thing for several reasons: I want to sleep at 9 pm, I don’t want to deal with kids longer than I have to, they will be so grumpy so late, and all of that is not worth it.  Thinking that way I don’t even put it into the realm of possibility.
But when I hear her telling me how fun that was and they all enjoyed it etc, I am in awe. First of all, it is hard for me to imagine that that is actually possible!
And second of all I think all these horrible things about me and my cushy comfort zone.  “I’m not seasoned enough, I’m too sheltered and too scared to not attempt that.”
Once I get over all that I just keep wondering, what an amazing view point she must have to think about the fireworks that way.
She must be really focusing on all the amazing moments they will have and the memories they will all make and the way their face will look when they see the fireworks.
She’s probably not focusing and assuming that kids will be grumpy and she will be tired and grumpy.
To me that is a true gift to be able to look at life like that, just seeing all the benefits and knowing all the work is worth it.
What usually happens in my head is an idea comes up and then 10 ways why it is a horrible idea. Thanks brain.
Sure, I’ll just do the same thing over and over again and not do anything new.
But when I do come out of my comfy routine it is always, always worth it!
Myself and my kids are left with tons of new experiences and feelings and the work and inconvenience of it all seems all worth it.
I also know that this friend of mine is not just sugar coating the way things went.
I have seen this numerous times with her and the ‘events’ she puts on (I call them events because they are a big deal to me, to her it’s just some fun with the kids).
 She once drove from Winnipeg to Calgary all by herself with 4 boys. No big deal. 🙂
She hosts parties for 10-15 kids for fun a few times a year! She has multiple kids sleep over and she cook for all of them non stop and a lot.
I am in awe of this woman and her generosity!
See ya’ll tomorrow !

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