What am I missing here?

What am I missing here?

As opposed to ‘what’s wrong with me?’

Notice how differently you would approach yourself and your day when you ask the first question.

This was me this morning.  I snapped at the kids.

Then I proceeded to call my husband and my friend and ask them about how THEY do it? I also got coached on that as well. All in one morning.

Yes I was frustrated, but I also admitted that I am definitely missing something and I CAN figure it out, I just have to find out what it is.

I probably did the ‘something is wrong with me’ bit for a minute but it was so quick that I can’t even remember it now.

SO, the words of wisdom are these today….

What am I missing here? 

Creates openness and space for answers.

What is your question today that you are looking to answer?

P.S. If your question is how do I make things better between me and so and so then I am the person for you.  I have worked on so many relationships in my life that whatever it is I have seen it.  You might be thinking ‘it doesn’t apply to me because my situation is different’ I challenge you to question that story.  What if it is not that different in your situation and what if you could just work with me for 6 months and enjoy the REST of your life living in what’s possible for you??? What’s the downside in trying? The only downside I see here is NOT finding out for yourself. Email me back, would love to hear from you !

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