Efed Up

Day 1 on the job and I have already messed up.

Glad to have that out of the way for the rest of the summer.
Now I can parent and work relaxed knowing that I am human and I have already efed up so there’s nothing to fear.
The worst has already happened.

Sure enough I got a text from one of my volunteer/clients while I was getting my nails done today: “hey, are we meeting up today?”
Yes, it was totally my fault, I said hey, let’s meet every Monday that way it’s easy for us to remember.”
Except I forgot that I had ever said that and we never discussed our next meeting (and I’m just learning to juggle multiple clients and running a family at the same time) which was supposed to be today.
 I do want to chalk it up to our miscommunication but really it’s all me.
Totally my bad, and I felt so sorry.
But also, nobody died.
My client had a peaceful coffee on her own, I promised to make it up to her.
And that’s that.
Overall on the big scheme of things its a pretty good ef up, don’t you think?
Yes, I’m just trying to make light fo the situation.
And hope the said client has fully recovered and forgiven me and saw the beauty of a kid free coffee in the midst of summer.
So. Yelled at the kids. Check. Let down a client. Check.
Now lets get back to work!

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