First week of work + kids at home!

Day 13 of writing every day.

I don’t want to write.
But here I am.
What do I have to offer today?
Long pause.
How about this. I have my first week at home with the kids all home and me working part time!
I am a bit freaked out, even though I have been planning and planning.
Even made a meal plan, did the groceries and thought through the whole week 50 times! Anxious are we? yep. A bit. But just saying it out loud makes me feel better.
So.  Yep. I’ll report back as to how the week goes.
Also, no pressure, I want to have all the fun with the kids this summer, go to all the fun places, do all the things.  Again, no pressure as just saying this makes me tense. ! lots of pressure! I’ll start with one thing and go from there.
How do you deal with work and kids being home? Those of you who are working from home ? Part time?

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