What I told high school students …

Most of my life I did not know what it is that I am passionate about.  And then I read this article by Mark Manson.

He says that if we have to look for what we are passionate about then we are probably NOT passionate about it.

He suggest that what we love doing is something that we ALWAYS FIND Time for every single day.

You just don’t realize it’s a thing and you do it and you love it.

And then he said something that completely changed my life.

HE says the way you know what it is that you already love doing is by asking yourself this questions:

WHAT is it that You do during your day that you get so caught up in that you forget to go pee?

WHAT is it that You do during your day that YOU get so caught up in that I forget to go pee?

That is how I have found my passion and I love life coaching.

Life coaching may not be for all of you,  it may be for some of you. .

But finding what you are passionate about is something that you can start doing right now.  This article is what helped me and it may help you.

Here are the links to 2 articles:

“I’m too overwhelmed with my own life right now just trying to keep these little humans alive, I’m not even close to thinking about my ‘passion’ in life”.  I get it, and I want to offer to help you get out of the survival mode.  What would it feel like for you to be able to handle ANYTHING that comes up in your life?  Email me back, what have you got to lose? Looking forward to talking to you!

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