When you think you don’t have time

If you believe that you are not doing something because you don’t have time then this episode is for you.  I invite you to consider that another factor is actually the reason why you are not doing something. Listen to hear my own example and you can apply this to yourself and find out what is it that is stopping you.

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Here is what clients say:
Before working with Natalia I was struggling with my relationship with my mom and confidence at work.  I have more compassion for my mom now and am able to see the world from her perspective.
At work now I feel empowered, like  “F*ck!!! I can do anything else I want. Whats next? what are we gonna work on next!?” 

I find coaching very practical. When I started working with Natalia it made me feel hopeful , I saw improvement right away. If you are on the fence about hiring Natalia I say just do it.  Treat it as a little gift to yourself.
Just the time spent together on various topics has added to self confidence because you become so much more self aware. Natalia is in my corner, she’s got my back.

Anastasia Elia, mom of 2

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