There is NO THERE!

It won’t be any better THERE.

Once I get that promotion I can relax.

Once I find a spouse then everything will be okay.

Once I stop loosing my shit with the kids then I can really take care of myself.

Once I make money then I can have the life that I want.

Once I am thiner I will be truly happy.

Has that actually every come true for anyone?

DO you know anyone who told you that once they did that thing all of their problems were solved?

I haven’t.  They solved that problem, and got 10 new ones.

Those are such lies we tell ourselves that rob us of what we can do for ourselves now.


There is no THERE where you get to and it will all magically be great.

Once you find a spouse, your one problem will be solved but you will have a million new problems.

Once you get that promotion, you will celebrate for that second, hour or even an evening and then your brain will start wanting more.

Nothing gets better.  Your problems change but it still stays 50% positive and 50% negative – HERE OR THERE.

So once it truly sinks in that it WON’T bet better once this thing happens – then what? What does the mean for you now?

Picture yourself, as you are right now and then just add on that thing that you are desiring. That’s it – that’s what it will look like for you once you get it.
Your brain and thoughts and feelings will be the same.

So what can you start doing now and not waiting for that thing to arrive?

If you are still doubting what I’m saying – go back to the last time you wanted something and thought everything will be so much better once you got it – did everything change once you got it?

After the excitement and novelty wore off?

What was left?

Was that promotion just a trap for more responsibility?

Was being married not all that you expected?

This is good news you guys, because you don’t have to wait for anything or anyone to start feeling in control now, to start feeling better TODAY.

I just self coached myself and am in the THERE, because there is no there, there is only here, so I just combined the two.

Did I confuse you? Good:)

Happy Friday ya’ll!


P.S. Don’t believe me? Want to challenge this concept?  I say bring it, I love it when people sincerely question what I teach.  What if scheduling a chat with me could change your life forever? It happened for me when I first reached out to my coach, so what are you waiting for ? It’s just a chat! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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