Pain is not a problem.

What? I wish my coach told me that last weekend. I have been struggling with the headache for a while now.
But to be honest it is a lot easier when we stop fighting the pain and stop avoiding it and resisting it.
Whether it is your head or your emotional pain over your relationship with your son.
The pain is there to tell us something.
May be that area in your life needs some attention or may be you need some attention from you.
Whatever it is it is there with the purpose.
What pain do you have?
I am here for your relationship pain.
I will take care of you when you bring it to me.
If that is you and you think your pain IS a problem message me back and we can talk about how I can help you.
P.S.  Distracting yourself from the pain doesn’t take the pain away, it just shows up later.  Are you there in the ‘later’ now? If you are and you have found that the pain has not gone away I invite you to bring it all to me and we can look at it together. It’ll be fun I promise. Even with the pain:)

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