8 kids

Can you host a playdate without getting stressed out before and after? YEP.

I just hosted a total of 8 kids (4 of which are mine), and I was cool as a cucumber all throughout the prep, the tidy up, the getting kids to help out, all throughout the time at the playground with 8 kids!
Counting heads every few minutes.
All throughout kids spraying water with water guns inside the house:)(that didn’t last long).
Over-all I am calling it a success.
I want to say it was easy because all the kids are big and they just played, but you know what, it was easy because I made it easy!
I didn’t make a big deal out of  anything.
My standards were super low: don’t lose a kid, don’t let a kid get hit by a car (on the way home), some sort of food on the table. Done:)
So there you have it.
4 years ago I was stressing over prep and snapping at my kids before everyone showed up, wanting everything done perfect.
Welcome to today. 8 kids at the playground and then transfer to the house! so fun!
The best part seeing Austin put his hand around his best friends shoulder as they walked home. Priceless!

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