I trust the process of life.

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For people who are anxious a lot and feel that tense feeling in their stomach, here’s what helped me a lot back when I first started out.
I read Louise Hay’s book called “You can heal your life” and it changed my relationship with myself.
It taught me to have my own back and to be there to take care of myself.
Louise Hay work consists of finding and using affirmations to change the energy and to attract what we want in our life.
Affirmations below are the ones I used 2 years ago and I also used them a lot with my older boys when they were a bit anxious going to school and being away from home.
These are super dear to me, they have proven themselves over many times. I love these saying. They are so powerful.
Life brings me only good.
I trust the process of life. 
I am safe.
I have time and space for everything that I need and want in my life.
I love and approve of myself.
All is well.
I can take care of myself. 
Everyone loves me and I love everyone.
Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone!

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