Summer Planning

You really do need to plan MORE in summer and FOR summer.
The bigger the chunk of ‘free’ time you have the more you have to plan.
I keep saying it over and over again and I keep finding more and more proof for it.
I spent almost 2 hours yesterday morning getting help from the one and only Andrea Mele at Busy Mom Nutrition.
 I came with overwhelm, sadness and just fully given up.
I left with a sense of relief, renewal, a sense of control and preparedness.
What a difference.
A weight off my shoulders.
I am now fully ready for the summer, for kids to be home, for them to ask for snacks all day long, and for me to say no when I need to and I’m ready for them to be upset.
I’m also ready and committed to spend 15 mins each week meal planning.
I am ready to spend each morning prepping breakfasts and lunches.
Doug and I share the dinner responsibilities so I will keep doing what I do with him for that.
Sure enough, I had a client ask me exactly what I do to address summer plans/food/meal planning etc. today! I laughed out loud because I just figured it all out yesterday! So I was happy to have answer for her.
Life is funny isn’t it.
Do your work and it will not only pay off for you but you never know who else it will help.
Cheers to summer !
I’m excited!
P.S. Have you given up on yourself and are sad and overwhelmed?  Email me at and I can help. I’ve been there and i know exactly what to do.

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