THE best job in the world!!!

You know what I just realized a few days ago????
That I literally have THE BEST job in the world – because I get to work with my friends, helping my friends !
My first clients is my friend and had been my friend for 16 years now!!!!!
She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, I was a bridesmaid in her wedding !
We have gone on vacations together, we have gone camping together, we hosted bachelorette parties for friends together, we knew each other before we met our husbands to be, before we had the kids, before we ended up in the jobs we are at.
How amazing and fun is that !!!!
Freaking amazing !
I LOVE seeing her every week! Seriously !
I don’t think I couldn’t have imagined it better than that!
And I am pretty sure I actually did imagine it that way and made that happen because we create all our results !
SO if you are at all interested in having your job FEEL that way for you, you know where to find me, i can hook you up with that FEELING!
Now I have a lunch date with my husbanator and later a girls night!
Sea ya’ll tomorrow !

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