Showing up!

Here’s what I see.

The clients that show up for themselves get results.
The clients that don’t show up for themselves don’t get results.
The clients that don’t show up for themselves also struggle to show up for others.
This creates a cycle of overwhelm and more of not showing up for anyone.
I definitely see this in my life when I neglect myself and when I hold myself through it all.
How hard are you willing to work to feel like you can handle anything life brings your way?
What is ‘showing up’?
For me it’s writing down my thoughts every day for at least 5 mins.
For some it’s meditating.
For some it’s taking a walk by themselves.
But for so many there is nothing that they do just for themselves and so they come to me saying they put everyone else first and tears swell up in their eyes.    There is NO ONE there for them. Not even themselves. They only have me showing up for them, but that’s still not the same as them doing it for themselves.
So if you could pick one thing today what would it be?
Make it extremely easy for yourself to do each day?
2 mins of journaling? 10 min walk? 5 min meditation?
Commit to do the minimum each day and don’t give yourself an ‘I’ll try’.
“I’ll try” is a great out. Fail before even trying.
“I am committed to do this for myself. Period.”
Have a lovely Tuesday guys!!!
P.S.  This is one of the best parts of working with me: setting yourself up so you don’t need me or anyone else to take care of yourself.  It is the best gift you can give yourself and I love being part of it!!! Email me back if you want help figuring out what ‘showing up’ looks like for you!

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