What Worked Well, always goes first

What worked well. WWW

My coach has me do evaluations of my coaching sessions with my clients.

Before I get into what didn’t work well I always start with what worked well.

This has been so powerful for me to do on coaching, networking events, tennis tournaments and now that I’m seeing the results of it I must share it with you as I think its an amazing tool for life.

Since our brain always wants to criticize and dwell on what we did wrong, we can simply do the process of WWW ( what went well) first and then do the WDW (what didn’t work).

To finish it off we always do the What Do Differently next time.

This allows me to remember the whole picture of my progress, I am learning a skill here and it takes many tries to learn all the different aspects of it.

Without the big picture it’s so easy to get lost in the current fail and just drop attempting it all together.

I have the main picture in mind and I also take the emotion out of it.

I evaluate it from a mechanical point of it, where there is no judgement if the machine didn’t do the right thing. Machine can be trained.

By doing the What Worked Well first I am forcing myself to look at the whole picture of my performance and not just what I messed up.

Some of you are working on taking better care of yourself or being nicer to your family member or losing weight or making money.

Each one of those consists of many different situations in life that can be evaluated just as I described above.

I don’t suggest you do the process but I did bring up this example so you can remember the big picture of you learning a skill each time you ‘fail’ or under perform in whatever goal you are working on now.

Hope this makes your Monday just a bit softer and gives yourself just a bit more compassion and patience that you would love.

Have a great day guys!


P.S. If this is they type of help you like to get when going after your 2020 goal then I can do that for you:) Email me back and we can discuss it this week over a coffee. Looking forward to hearing form you!

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