Cure for ‘cancer’.

You guys,

I literally feel as If I have a cure for cancer because when someone comes to me and says ‘I don’t think I have the ability to love or have good relationships’  – I CAN HELP THEM.

They think it’s terminal and they are born that way and nothing can change and I HAVE a solution for them that will cure them of that “inability to love”.


This is what I told that person:  Your first step is to imagine that it is POSSIBLE for you to love and have a good relationship.

How would you feel if you imagined its possible for you?

How would you act when you felt that way?

What life would you create by acting that way?

It all starts with possibility.

It is Monday and anything is possible!!!


P.S.  I am here if you ever have questions or are just curious about HOW I cure the ‘cancer’ – email me back or DM me.  I will be so happy to talk to you!!!

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