“Anxious about leaving my daughter for the first time”

1. It’s understandable . Take time to feel it, cry if you need to. 

2. Whats h works case scenario? And is it likely to happen? Have you done everything to prevent it from happening? Yes then comforted. 

3. Once we took time to process it and comfort our fears we can take a step back and remember that our feelings come from our thoughts. Our thoughts of worst case scenarios . NOT your action of leaving baby or baby staying with someone else. 

So if our thoughts are 

I can be making a Mistake. 

I am a bad mom.

I shouldn’t be leaving my daughter.

They are just sentences in our head: Words we think that are made up and not the truth . Then we can realize we can pick any thought like

This makes me a good mom.

This is exactly what my daughter needs

I should be leaving my daughter because of this and this. 

I am doing the right thing.

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