What if the it’s all rigged in OUR favour?

What if we believed that the universe is working for us?

Would we try to manipulate what others think about us?

Would we worry so much that what others think about us is true or untrue?

Would we be afraid that others think something horrible about us?

Would we change how we show up in a way that would ensure that others think great things about us?


What if we assumed others ALREADY think amazing things about us?

What would that be like for us?

Would we agree?

If not, why not?

If we agree then what do we get to think and feel?

“I’m amazing”.

Feel amazing!

Show up as your best self and think of giving as there’s nothing that you need from anyone.

You are whole and complete no matter what.

How fun would that be?

Try that on.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!



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