Do it anyways


Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

As you may know Tuesdays are my day off and today was a special edition day off!

I had a photoshoot session this morning for my new business.  My friend Andrea was so generous with her time and spent the morning taking professional pictures of me.

We had a great time as we always do, with lots of dress changes, scenery and goofing around.   We wrapped up the morning with a lunch and a coffee and our favourite pass time of talking about business, coaching, life and more business.

The day didn’t start out on such a high note though and that’s why i’m telling you this story.

I did not feel like doing the photoshoot AT ALL.

Tired, moody, demotivated and other things i won’t bore you with.

All i wanted to do was stay home and go back to bed.

But I know better than to listen to that urge now.

I did go back and forth in my head about canceling or rescheduling and blaming it on the forecast.

Then something happened that perked me right up.

“Do it anyway…” the voice said.

I have recently seen my own coach post about that and so it floated up in my head when i needed it most.

You see i would never get anything done if i listened to that voice in my head all the time. Sure you know the voice i’m talking about.

So easy to listen to that voice when it’s something like driving kids to school ( of course i will drive them even if i don’t feel like it.)

But when it comes to going for our dreams, creating something of value, doing something that we don’t have to do at all – then is super easy to listen to the voice and believe its sound reason.

“The forecast calls for rain – reschedule for sure!”

“No, we are doing it anyway!”

And the day turned out beautiful, mostly sunny with no rain.


So my friends, whatever it is you want and planned to do  – do it anyway, do it even if you don’t feel like it, even if the circumstances are not perfect. Because you know what, an ‘imperfect – done’ is better than a ‘perfect – never started’.




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