Meet yourself where you are.

That is my superpower – to meet myself wherever I am.

If I am angry then I meet myself in anger.

If I am disappointed then I let myself be disappointed.

If I am tired, my least favourite place to be as I’m finding out, I meet myself in the “I’m tired”.

That is my super power but I am not super human and I still resist these sometimes but I always, always strive to meet myself wherever I am.

Even it takes me a very long time that is the place I always want to meet myself at.

Simply because it feels better than fighting where I am.

That’s it.

It feels better to feel bad than to resist feeling bad.

That’s it.

If I am overwhelmed and a hot mess before meeting a client I lean in and admit that I am and I know that that skill is what makes me able to Help my clients!!!!

Not being organized and all together and happy, no.

Being overwhelmed and messy is part of being human.

Accepting their humanness is what I can teach my clients because I do that with myself every day and that feels amazing.

Where are you now?

What are you feeling?

What are you thinking?

Are you at peace with all of it?

If not why not?

Would you like to be?

Let’s talk.


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