Action Despite Negative Emotion

In other words do it anyway, when you least feel like it.

I didn’t feel like going for a workout today but i did.

This message is simple but so powerful if executed every day on a lot of small actions.

Here are a few of mine that i don’t feel like doing and do them every day:

manage my brain
brush my teeth
5 downward dogs
lie down to talk to my kids at bed time

here is what i have as a result:

amazing life
clean teeth
flexible body
connection with my kids

Sometimes i reeeeeaaaaallly don’t feel like doing them.

And i almost don’t it.

But i still do.

So, it’s Friday and it’s really east not do something today.

But just do it, because you can.

Happy Friday guys!


P.S. The weekend is almost here and it usually means more time with our kids.  It also is a time when we are reminded the most that we still haven’t figured out the approach to them.  If you haven’t reached out to me yet and are thinking about it, what are you waiting for? You could be going into the weekend excited about the possibility that you can end the struggle with your kid.  And that can simply happen after emailing me back and admitting that ‘yes, that’s me, i am struggling, i’d like to talk’.  You are one email away from feeling proud of yourself going into the weekend.  Take action now, even if you don’t feel like it. Because you’re worth it.

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