Happy Sunday Everyone!

Thank you to everyone who was there for my presentation on How To Feel Better this week! I will be posting a video of it up next week in case you are interested.

This week i had a chance to study my own overwhelm and to report it back to you here.  Listen to my ‘podcast’ below to learn what i did to feel back in control.

Let me sum it up for you here: i came up with my own formula for overwhelm.
Here it is:

Thoughts about 1 New thing
Thoughts About Lots of jobs
Thought “How will i do it all?”
Overwhelmed Mama

This is what i did to feel better:
1. Write down all the things i was thinking about

2. Ask “Can I do each of these things on their own?” – yes

3. Decided to THINK about only ONE thing i need to do now.

4. Decided NOT to think about ALL the things i need to do AT ONCE.
Hope this helps ! Comment below about what creates your overwhelm and how do you solve for it!

Have a great week everyone!


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