I want to be more confident in my life!

This is what I hear the most.
But what does being more confident mean to you ?
Does it mean that everybody would think you are confident ?
Does it mean you are not afraid of anything ?

Does it mean you never feel doubt ?

Does it mean that if you were confident everybody would like you ?

You have to really think about that for yourself, what exactly would “confidence” look like in your life ?

What I have found to be the most empowering is to be willing to sit in my own sht lol.
I mean sit in my own disappointment, doubt, lack of confidence, anger, failure, embarrassment.
Here is my definition of confidence: I am able and willing to feel any bad feeling!
There will still be fear and doubt and some people won’t like me or my message.


I can bear that.
THERE’S NOTHING I CAN’T HANDLE. (even my own lack of confidence sometimes!)
What is the most that you can bear ?
Does that create confidence for you recognizing what you are willing to bear?



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