The Universe is friendly.

This morning I had a perfect window between groceries and the dentist to pick up my new glasses.

I arrived early, before the glasses office was open and I sat in the car happily listening to my podcast.

I knew I had 15 minutes from when the store opens to when my dentist appointment begins.  The drive is 7 minutes from one place to the other.

I sat there and I had a thought of worry come up, what if they don’t open in time and I’ll have to leave before I get my glasses.

But since I know that the universe is friendly, I was sitting there and I was certain that everything will work out just in time.

10:00 am came, no-one.
10:01 nobody there.
10:02 nothing yet
10:03 still no-one . I’ll still get them, I thought. I’ll sit here till 10:07 and then go.
10:04 sure enough the person pulled in and I got my glasses in and out and made it to the dentist right on time. (thanks Karen!)

IT would’ve been so easy to give up and leave and assume I won’t be able to get the glasses.  But I knew believing it will work out will always pay off.

Your universe wants you to succeed.  Will you join the universe and make it easy for it to help you?

I truly believe it is friendly.
Happy Friday ya’ll!!!

P.S. “but what if I believe and nothing happens?”  what a great questions.  That means you didn’t believe hard enough.   This is where I come in and help you believe BEFORE you have the proof of the result.  Whoa? yes. It’s true. We must start believing FIRST before we have done it.  Ready to start believing? Setting up a call with me is always a great sign of you believing.  Keep going and grow you belief by hitting reply. I’ll see you on the other side.

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