Thank you letter to Mark Manson!

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You guys!

I was just reading ‘Big Magic’ By Elizabeth Gilbert. (amazing book by the way, I am LOVING it so much, i’m almost sad to be almost done.)

And the coolest thing happened. She was referencing Mark Manson‘s article.  Not just any article but THE article that had changed my life!!!!

In this article he talks about how finding your passion doesn’t have to be hard. If it’s your passion you are already doing it, that’s kind of the definition of passion.

Usually because we already doing it and we are ‘looking’ for a our passion, we don’t realize what it is that we are doing, which is ultimately is our passion already and we are already doing it.

My biggest take away from that article was that i’m already doing what i’m passionate about and i’m just realizing that it’s a thing, a skill, a talent.

The questions that he suggest you can use to find out what it is that you love to do already is the following. : “What do you do that while doing it you forget to go pee?” (the rest of the questions i forget because this one worked right away!)

I absolutely love that question because i right away knew exactly what it is that i do and i LOVE doing it. Talking to people and figuring our problems! I literally would hold my pee until after so i wouldn’t have to interrupt the magic.

That article changed my life and i am a life coach now, and i couldn’t be happier about it. so this is a thank you letter to Marc Manson. Thank you for doing your work and showing up for yourself! Your work is inspiring and valuable!

I must also mention the ‘shit sandwich’, which he talks about.  Brilliant, brilliant! What kind of shit sandwich are you willing to eat in order to do what you love?

If you are not willing to put up with something that sucks in what you do, you will not do it! It’s as simple as that.

He made me realize that I’m willing to put up with so much discomfort, fear, doubt, confusion, procrastination in order to coach and be coached and grow and achieve. Love it!



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