Saying NO

I just said no to someone.

I actually said yes to them first but after a while I realized I’m not going to be fully present if I go through with it and I want to be.

So I called back and said that I won’t be at my best and it’s probably not fair to them for me to waste their time.

So I said no to the offer to meet.
But at the same time I said yes myself.
I said yes to what I need to do for me today.
I said yes to what I need to do for my kids.
The other person totally understood.
So often we think saying no to someone is bad.
Saying no is hard. Saying no is not nice.
What we forget to see is that by saying no we create space for us to say yes something else, something that we want to say yes to.
Think about it.
Happy Friday guys!

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