Kid wants to read my blog

Tyler just sat down beside me and wanted to be with me while I write my blog.
 I explained that this is grow up stuff and he’s not a grown up so therefore he needs to give me space for 15mins.
I don’t think he was too impressed with these answers.
But truthfully I need space to think and be open.
Answering questions about what I’m writing is not supportive of thinking. I love to think and write so now Tyler is sitting on a different couch.
We are going on a road trip to Venron today and we are all super excited! Some are excited for the pool, some for water skiing, some are excited for the goodie bags they get in the car for the drive. Austin is already sad to be leavening! He is sad now because he knows he will be sad to leave grandma and grandpas in 1 week! How sweet!
Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll sea ya’ll tomorrow!
After all that i wrote a blog post that Tyler could’ve read! what’da ya know! ANyways,! have to go on our road trip!

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