15 things that help me when I am struggling

1. Walk

2. Do my make up and hair, dress in something cute and you feel pretty in.

3. Get coached/Vent to a friend/ coach/ paper. Vent and it will help you process your feelings and gain new perspective.  Write it all down, get it out of your head.

4. Clean your kitchen/living room

5. DO NOTHING FIRST.  do that first and then do jobs.
  watch a show, read, sleep, do nothing productive.

6. Listen to Abraham and Louise Hay.

7. Have a nice coffee, your fav food. 

8. Accomplish 1 or 2 things.

9.  Make a list of all the things you have done today, including getting dressed, taking care of the kids, lunches, breakfast, walk, calling husband, rest, etc. Include as many small things as possible and cross them off as you do them. It feels incredibly good to write them all down and for your brain to see that you are being productive EVEN when you are struggling. That makes you feel better.

10.  Giving yourself PERMISSION to do NOTHING.  IF yo do nothing and feel guilty or ashamed when that doesn’t help. SO practice doing nothing and feeling good doing it.  And by the time you are done doing nothing you will WANT to get some stuff done. 

11.  SHOWER EARLY in the evening or late afternoon.

12. Comfy, warm, soft clothing. NO BRA. After the early shower. 

13. Warm tea – strategically placed after dinner will comfort you.

14.  Do something NICE and Extra for someone, anyone, even your future self.  BUT only after you have done all those other things first and if you feel you have the capacity. 

15.  Give yourself permission to be a less than good mom today (good= perfect). Be average. Be a bad mom today and it’s okay. It’s ok that i’m ____ today. 

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