How not to miss your successes

Do not let perfectionism blind you from seeing that it actually worked. You actually did the thing, you made the turn or you are succeeding with the kids with the food, whatever it is. It made me laugh so hard to realize that I would’ve written it off as a total fail and my son pointed it out as a success, I turned and gained speed. So funny how our mind can play tricks on us. 

Where do we do this in our life? My body seeing only the fat on the stomach and ignoring my beautiful face, hair, the fact that I am actually not 300 pounds. 

Time – seeing only what I don’t have Time too do and being completely blind to the fact that I have the time to spend with all of my family and run a business and raise 4 boys. 

What are you discounting as not working because it is not perfect? What is actually working in your life but you are not satisfied with it just because it is not perfect in your mind as it should be. 

Reconnect with Your Son,
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