What it’s like to get coached….

I just got off the phone with my coach.

Every time I meet with her I feel like I just got did something hard and a little painful but also this pain is enjoyable, if you can imagine that combination.

You can only know this feeling if you have ever looked at your negative feelings on purpose in order to move forward.

You don’t want to look, but you do.

You don’t like what you see but you look at them and you decide.

What you decide is the magic, or can be.

You can decide you are no good and you are doing everything wrong, or you can decide you are doing everything right and you are right on track, this is all part of the process.

I decide that “I am doing it!”, I am doing it and this is all part of the process.

Before the meeting with my coach I always feel a little bit of resistance, or heavy feeling, knowing this won’t be pleasant but at the same time I always show up and do it because I know that after the call I feel cleaner, lighter, more determined, more focused, more clear about myself.
The discomfort is worth the result.
I love taking care of myself this way.
I love offering my help to people so they can feel this way too.
Now that is a great Friday thought!
Email me back if you would like to experience what it feels like to do something uncomfortable for yourself but at the same time caring and exciting.
Have a great Friday everyone!

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